Ekadashi November 2023, Puja Vidhi, Dhanteras Trayodashi Tithi

Ekadashi has a holy significance in Hindu Mythology. This day is considered for the devotion of lord Vishnu. Ekadashi November 2023 date is 8 November and ends on 9 November 2023. On this day, people will worship Lord Vishnu and also keep fast. Check out more details on Ekadashi November, puja vidhi, date, and fast.

Ekadashi November 2023

November month also sees a number of other regional and national celebrations in India in addition to the Festival of Lights. Therefore, make a note of significant dates and events by consulting the November festival calendar. Ekadashi November 2023 will start on 8 November 2023 and end on 9 November 2023; on this day, people will celebrate Ekadashi and keep fast.

November frequently coincides with the Ashwin/Kartik months in the Hindu Lunar calendar. And this month is Diwali, the biggest celebration in India. In addition to Deepawali, or Diwali, Kartik Maas celebrates a number of other regional and national holidays throughout India. Examine the November 2023 event schedule and make a note of the dates of the significant events.

Shukla Paksha Ekadashi Date & Time 2023

Vrat Ekadashi is one of the most important rites in the Hindu calendar and is highly esteemed in Hinduism. Lord Vishnu respects the Ekadashi day, and those who keep the fast are said to get blessings, prosperity, and fulfillment. During Shukla Paksha, the festival of Devuthani Ekadashi is observed in the month of Kartik. It marks the beginning of promising works. 

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In Hindu traditions, this Ekadashi is highly revered as Devutthana, the day of Lord Vishnu’s waking, which signifies the start of good actions. 20 November and 23 is Devuthani Ekadashi. The shubh muhurat tithi starts from 22 November 2023 at 11:3 PM and end on 23 November 9:01 PM and 9 November Ekadashi muhurat will start from 8:00 AM, 8 November 2023 and end on  9 November 2023 at 10:41 AM.

Ekadashi November 2023

Ekadashi Puja Vidhi 2023

Ekadashi puja starts with sunrise so the first step in performing Ekadashi Puja is rising early and participating in the early morning prayer, which involves making a vow to fast on this auspicious day. Devotee who keep fast and performing Ekadashi puja has to follow these rituals on Puja day:

  • Worshiping Lord Vishnu on this day is customarily performed with the addition of Gangajal, Panchamrit, and other holy items like holy basil. 
  • There are two ways to complete this fast: Nirahar and Falahar. In Nirahar, devotees fast for the whole day; in Falahar, however, they are permitted to eat any meal throughout their fast.
  • It is recommended to eat the dish after worshiping Lord Vishnu. However, the Ekadashi Parana vidhi is completed on Dwadashi tithi the next day after the fast.

How is Rama Ekadashi observed?

On the Ekadashi Tithis of Kartik Krishna Paksha, Kartik Shukla Paksha, Margashirsha Krishna, and Margashirsha Krishna Paksha, respectively, devotees worship Lord Vishnu and observe the Rama, Devutthana Ekadashi Vrat, and Utpanna Ekadashi. The Chaturmas period ends on the Devutthana Ekadashi. Devutthana Ekadashi is held on November 23 this year, and Rama Ekadashi is commemorated on 9 November 2023.

Dhanteras Trayodashi Tithi 2023

On the Trayodashi Tithi, which occurs in the month of Kartik during the waning phase of the moon, Dhanteras is celebrated. The start of the Diwali celebrations is this crucial day. Legend has it that on this day, the Goddess of riches, Devi Lakshmi, and the God of medicines, Lord Dhanavantri, emerged from the Kshirasagara, the cosmic ocean. This incident happened when the Devas (gods) and Asuras (demons) churned the sea in a ritual known as Samudra Manthan in an attempt to get Amrita, the nectar of immortality.

Ekadashi Fast November 2023 Method

Here are a few things to consider if you plan to fast on the day of Ekadashi:

  • You are only permitted to eat one meal every day. Be careful not to add salt to your food.
  • During this fast, you are allowed to eat foods produced from milk, fresh and dried fruits, or vegetables.
  • Cereals are not allowed; however, you can have Sabudana Khichdi with groundnuts or mixed with potatoes. Even dal and honey should be avoided on the day of Dashami.
  • The intake of rice is likewise severely limited.
  • Alcohol and non-vegetarian meals are not good combinations.
  • Some devotees maintain total fasting on this day without even drinking water. 

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