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The International Cricket Council (ICC) maintains an international one-day international (ODI) cricket rankings system called the ICC ODI Ranking, which was originally called the ICC ODI Championship. Each time an ODI match is played, points are awarded to the two participating teams using a mathematical formula. Each team is assigned a rating based on the division of their total points by the number of games they have played. The teams are then arranged in a table according to their ratings.

ICC ODI Ranking

Similar to batting averages in cricket, an ODI match’s points are awarded for wins that are always higher than the team’s rating, which raises the rating, and points lost that is always lower than the rating, which lowers the rating. In a match that ends in a tie, the lower-ranked team will win at the cost of the higher-ranked team. A team that is considered “average” if it plays a combination of better and lesser opponents and wins as frequently as it loses, would be rated 100.

Team Matches Points Rating
India 52 6290 121
Australia 39 4454 114
South Africa 32 3550 111
Pakistan 35 3874 111
New Zealand 41 4189 102
England 37 3616 98
Sri Lanka 46 4082 89
Bangladesh 43 3772 88
Afghanistan 29 2472 85
West Indies 38 2582 68
Zimbabwe 30 1641 55
Scotland 33 1662 50
Ireland 25 1086 43
Netherlands 36 1476 41
Nepal 42 1446 34
Namibia 28 813 29
USA 31 808 26
Oman 24 525 22
UAE 41 617 15

India is ranked first in the ICC Men’s ODI Team Rankings as of October 14, 2023, with a rating of 118 from 47 weighted matches; UAE is ranked lowest, with a rating of 15 from 41 weighted matches. Up until 2013, the team with the highest ranking on the yearly deadline of April 1st was awarded the ICC ODI Championship Shield along with cash prizes. The rankings were used to determine direct qualifying for the Cricket World Cup until the edition.

ICC ODI Team Rankings 2023 (Men’s)

Team rankings provide valuable insights into the teams’ performances. The teams and individuals are ranked by the ICC based on their performance in competitions and series. Notably, this fierce rivalry was on display during the just-finished Asia Cup and Australia’s ODI series against South Africa. A ranking predictor is used to examine the internet rankings; it displays the ranks of players, teams, and matches. 

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ICC ODI Ranking

Cricket enthusiasts are also interested in learning about the ICC team rankings. India, Pakistan, and Australia have been fighting it out for the top spot in the ODI Team Rankings, and it has been an intense race in recent times. The point gives its customers access to the team rankings as well. You may learn as much as possible about the performance of your preferred player.

How are the ICC ODI Team Rankings Calculated?

Each time two teams play each other again, the rankings table is updated based on the team ratings just before the match. Determine the points gained from the match to determine the new ratings after that particular match:

If there was a rating differential of fewer than 40 points before the match between the two teams:

  • Win: Increase the opponent’s rating by 50 points.
  • Tie: Assign points based on the opponent’s rating.
  • Lose: Subtract fifty points from the rating of the opponent.

If there was a minimum 40-point rating gap between the two clubs before the game:

  • Stronger team wins: Raise its rating by ten points.
  • The weaker team loses: Take ten points off of its ranking.
  • Stronger team ties: Take forty points off of its ranking.
  • Weaker team ties: Raise its rating by 40 points.
  • Stronger team loses: Take 90 points away from the rating.
  • Weaker team wins: Raise its rating by ninety points.

The match points scored are added to the points previously earned from prior matches (as shown in the Table), one more match is played than before, and the new rating is then computed. When the system was first created, clubs were given the basic ratings. Without taking series importance into account, each team’s rating is computed by dividing its total points scored by the number of matches played.

2023 ICC Men’s ODI Cricket Team Ranking

International Cricket Council’s 2023 ODI team rankings. The points table puts Team India on top with 6290 points and 121 ratings. Team Australia ranks second with 4318 points and 114 ratings. Team South Africa is third with 3550 points and 111 ratings. Team Pakistan ranks 4th with 3874 points and 111 ratings. Team New Zealand is 5th with 4189 points and 102 ratings. Team England ranks 6th with 3509 points and 97 ratings. Team Sri Lanka ranks 7th with 4046 points and 90 ratings. Team Bangladesh ranks 8th with 3632 points and 86 ratings. 

Team Afghanistan ranks 9th with 2408 points and 86 ratings. Team West Indies is 10th with 2582 points and 68 ratings. Team Zimbabwe ranks 11th with 1641 points and 55 ratings. Team Scotland is 12th with 1662 points and 50 ratings. Team Ireland ranks 13th with 1086 points and 43 ratings. Team Netherlands ranks 14th with 1445 points and 41 ratings. Team Nepal ranks 15th with 1446 points and 34 ratings. Team Namibia ranks 16th with 813 points and 29 ratings. Team Oman ranks 17th with 525 points and 22 ratings.

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