One UI 6.0 Update Release Date, Device-wise Schedule, Features & Advancements!

One UI 6.0 Update release date for various devices are different from one another, for a few, it is already released on 30 October and 13 & 15 November 2023, and few it will be released on 20, 24, 27 & 30 November and 01, 04 and 08 December 2023.

One UI 6.0 Update Release Date

Over time, Samsung’s One UI has evolved significantly and is now among the most widely used Android overlays

Though it’s anticipated to concentrate more on polish and refinement than providing significant new features, the latest One UI 6 upgrade, which is based on Android 14, continues to improve Samsung’s formula. 

Before the end of this year, products will be launched. This version of Samsung’s software has a lot going for it, in our opinion. Here is everything we currently know about the One UI 6’s features, compatibility, release date, and much more.

One UI 6.0 Update Release Date List And Schedule 

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One UI 6.0’s new features and enhancements are guaranteed to be widely accessible with the help of this exhaustive list, which includes 30 models in total. It also includes a timetable that lists the release dates for each model and is arranged weekly.

In addition, the first round of updates is scheduled for Week 43 of 2023, with the Galaxy S23 series in the forefront. Therefore, One UI 6.0’s updated experience is now available to owners of the Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra as of October 30, 2023.

Schedule  Product Name  Update Release Date 
43rd Week of 2023 
  1. Galaxy S23
  2. Galaxy S23 Ultra 
  3. Galaxy S23 +
  1. 30 October 2023 
  2. 30 October 2023 
  3. 30 October 2023
45th Week of 2023
  1. Galaxy A34
  2. Galaxy A54
  3. Galaxy S22
  4. Galaxy S22 Ultra
  5. Galaxy S22+
  6. Galaxy S22 FE
  7. Galaxy Z Flip 5 
  8. Galaxy Z Fold 5
  9. Galaxy A14 5G 
  1. 13 November 2023 
  2. 13 November 2023 
  3. 15 November 2023 
  4. 15 November 2023 
  5. 15 November 2023 
  6. 20 November 2023 
  7. 13 November 2023 
  8. 13 November 2023 
  9. Not Declared Yet
46th Week Of 2023 
  1. Galaxy A13 
  2. Galaxy A33
  3. Galaxy A52 
  4. Galaxy A52s
  5. Galaxy A55
  6. Galaxy A72 
  7. Galaxy S21
  8. Galaxy S21 FE
  9. Galaxy S21 Ultra 
  10. Galaxy S21+
  11. Galaxy Flip4
  12. Galaxy Fold4 
  1. 20 November 2023 
  2. 20 November 2023
  3. 27 November 2023
  4. 27 November 2023
  5. 20 November 2023
  6. 30 November 2023
  7. 20 November 2023
  8. 24 November 2023
  9. 20 November 2023
  10. 20 November 2023
  11. 20 November 2023
  12. 20 November 2023
47th Week of 2023 
  1. Galaxy A13 
  2. Galaxy A 14 
  3. Galaxy A23 
  4. Galaxy A25
  5. Galaxy A52
  6. Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 
  7. Galaxy Z Flip3 
  8. Galaxy Z Fold3 
  1. 27 November 2023 
  2. Not Declared Yet
  3. 27 November 2023 
  4. 01 December 2023
  5. Not Declared Yet
  6. Not Declared Yet
  7. 27 November 2023
  8. 27 November 2023
48th Week of 2023 
  1. Galaxy AO4s 
  1. 04 December 2023
49th Week of 2023 
  1. Galaxy XCover5
  1. 08 December 2023

This long-release plan guarantees that One UI 6.0’s cutting-edge features and optimizations will soon be available to all Samsung consumers, irrespective of the model of their smartphone.

The latest and greatest features of One UI 6.0 will soon be available to customers of a wide range of Samsung smartphones thanks to this extensive rollout, which will improve their entire smartphone experience.

One UI 6.0 Release Date

One UI 6.0 Galaxy Compatibility

Currently exclusive to the Galaxy S23 series, the One UI 6 upgrade will soon be made accessible on all Galaxy S smartphones, including all Plus and Ultra models, starting with the S21 model. It will also be available for the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 or later. 

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE, Galaxy Tab S8 series, and Galaxy Tab S9 series can also be used it. The update will be available for a wide range of affordable Samsung phones, including models from the M, F, and A series.

One UI 6.0 Update Release Features and Advancements 

In addition to the regular Android 14 enhancements, One UI 6 will also include a new font and more straightforward icon labels. 

An updated weather insights widget and a camera widget that acts as a dedicated shortcut for user-preset camera modes are among the additional widgets that are anticipated with the upgrade. After this, you should be expected:

  • Modifications to the built-in picture editor, camera, weather, and gallery apps, among other apps.
  • A more adaptable onscreen interface that allows you to alter the overall design and font choices.
  • Updated camera and weather widgets.
  • improved information in the Weather app.
  • You can now search for app-specific long-press features in the app drawer.
  • More languages are now supported by Bixby Text Call.
  • A redesign is underway for the Quick Settings section. A new row for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings, along with a few minor menu tweaks for dark mode and eye comfort, are the highlights.
  • latest adjustments for the lock screen.
  • Simplified icon labels and a new font.
  • A new emoji design has been added to the Samsung keyboard.
  • A few other changes are coming to the notification panel, such as the option to receive individual notifications as distinct cards.

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