Reliance Jio OBD Device – Features, Price, Benefits, How it works?

In India, Jio has formally introduced the JioMotive gadget. This is the latest, reasonably priced automobile accessory from the brand. The product is officially known as JioMotive (2023), and it functions as a Plug-n-Play gadget by connecting to the OBD port of the vehicle. In addition, there is a Jio sim inside that can be attached to the vehicle’s ODB port. The anticipated release date of this gadget was December 17

Reliance Jio OBD Device

A Jio OBD Device, are Car Connect OBD service is also being developed by the Jio Company. One OBD service is Jio Car Connect. The user must link this hardware device to the Jio Car link mobile app and the OBD port on the vehicle. The hardware component resembles a dongle, and the SIM card slot is inserted. The car’s OBD port becomes a WiFi hotspot as soon as the Reliance Jio 4G SIM card is plugged into this slot or device and linked. You may use this hotspot on your laptop, smartphone, and other devices. 

By displaying facts regarding panic braking and speed alerts, as well as the ability to set speed restrictions via the app, it gives information about driving behavior. Those who wish to monitor their drivers may find this helpful. The Jio automobile Connect allows the user to have remote communication with the automobile. One way to ensure that the car is cool when you arrive at it is to turn on the air conditioning (AC) as soon as you start walking towards the parking lot.

How will the Reliance Jio OBD work?

Reliance Jio OBD will require Internet access, much like a standard Internet dongle, thus an OBD device must be used to install a Reliance Jio 4G SIM. After inserting it, the data is enabled and the dongle functions as a hotspot so you may connect your smartphone and use any Jio app at your discretion.

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In addition, you will be able to check the various critical signs of your automobile using the Jio automobile Connect app. If you have one of the Jio plans, you may use the Jio hotspot on your smartphone to make free audio calls. This is one of the device’s main benefits.

Reliance Jio OBD Device

Reliance Jio OBD 2023 Benefits

Reliance Jio OBD 2023 Benefits, are using the Jio automobile link. Similar to turning on the air conditioning as you started to head into the parking lot, you may operate remotely. On the user’s smartphone, this software offers all the necessary information, including battery change notifications, fuel information, water levels, oil statistics, and more.

  • You can track the location of a car with this app.
  • You check the amount of fuel that is available, the live speed and temperature of the car.
  • You look up battery information and distance from your current position.
  • Check This App Anywhere However, when connecting to the internet

Jio OBD Device (2023) Features

The Jio OBD gadget has an alarm feature that activates when someone touches an automobile when it is locked. This feature helps to keep the car safe from various intruders and criminals.

  • The JioMotive is a straightforward Plug-n-Play gadget that may be linked to the OBD-II port of any vehicle. Most autos typically have this port accessible beneath the steering wheel. Once bought, this is a do-it-yourself gadget that may be setup without the assistance of an expert.
  • Using the JioThings app, you may track the whereabouts of the automobile around the clock.
  • Users will be able to establish geofences of any shape and receive immediate warnings upon arrival or departure with Geo-Fencing and Time Fencing.
  • You don’t need to purchase an extra SIM card in order to use the JioMotive gadget; it only accepts Jio SIMs. Your JioMotive will also be covered by your regular Jio smartphone plan.
  • The app will provide the vehicle’s health along with hundreds of DTC notifications.
  • Driving Behavior Analysis, After installation, the app will analyze and provide the driver’s riding habits.
  • Additional features include speed tracking, 10-second latency, tampering and accident alarms, in-car Wi-Fi, and towing.

Price of Reliance Jio OBD Device

Reliance Jio OBD Device is available for ₹4999 on Reliance Digital’s website, which is 58% less than its MSRP. JioMotive, a tiny OBD (outbound dialer) gadget from Reliance Jio, promises to make any automobile “smart in minutes.” 

With shipping costs included, the tablet costs around 2000 rupees, starting at 1,899 and including all of these features. You may choose and contrast prices from several sites as each one has a distinct pricing.

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