Sultan of Johor Cup 2023 Points Table, Teams Standings, Schedule & Prize Money

Every year, Malaysia hosts the Sultan of Johor Cup, an international competition for men’s field hockey under-21. The Sultan of Johor Cup’s eleventh edition is set to take place in Johor, Malaysia, from October 27 to November 4, 2023. Notably, there will be eight teams in this year’s tournament instead of the usual six.

Sultan of Johor Cup 2023 Points Table

Group A
S.No. Country  P W D L P
1 GER 1 1 0 0 3
2 AUS 1 1 0 0 3
3 GBR 1 0 0 1 0
4 RSA 1 0 0 1 0
Group B
S.No. Country  P W D L P
1 IND 2 1 1 0 4
2 PAK 2 1 1 0 4
3 NZL 2 1 0 1 3
4 MAS 2 0 o 2 0

In the match sultan johor cup 2023 after four points after a few games, India leads the Sultan of Johor Cup 2023 points standings. India went to the top with four points and a goal differential of four after defeating Malaysia. Malaysia, who have lost both of their games, are at the bottom of the Group B standings. 

  • Amandeep Lakra’s goals (30th minute)
  • 56th-placed Aditya Arjun Lalage 
  • Singh Uttam (59th)
  •  Abdul Shahid (49th) Arbaz Ahmad (31st, 58th) 

Hockey India’s squad for this competition has been formally revealed.  After two games, India, who started the group stage with a 3-3 draw against Pakistan, jumped to the top of the Group B points table with four points.India, the reigning champion, overcame a 1-0 deficit to defeat Malaysia in their second Group B encounter at the Sultan of Johor Cup on Saturday in Johor Bahru.

Sultan of Johor Cup 2023 schedule 

Sultan johor cup 2023,through his persistent battling spirit throughout the entire competition, they have made us all extremely proud. As a federation, we must make significant investments in our younger programs. The following is the schedule for the Sultan of Johar Cup in 2023.

  • Match 1: Indian vs. Pakistan first match, October 27, 13:35
  • Match 2: October 27, 15:35, Australia vs. Great Britain
  • Match 3: October 27, 18:05, Malaysia vs. New Zealand
  • Match 4: South Africa vs. Germany, October 28, 13:35
  • Match 5: New Zealand vs. Pakistan, October 28, 15:35
  • Match 6: October 28, 18:05, Malaysia vs. India
  • Match 7: October 30, 13:35, South Africa vs. Great Britain
  • Match 8: October 30, 15:35, Australia vs. Germany
  • Match 9: October 30, 18:05, India vs. New Zealand
  • Match 10: October 31, 13:35, Germany vs. Great Britain
  • Match 11: October 31, 15:35, South Africa vs. Australia
  • Match 12: October 31, 18:05, Malaysia vs. Pakistan
  • Match 13: November 2, 15:35, 3rd B vs. 4th A (5th-8th place match).
  • Match 14: November 2, 18:05, 3rd A vs. 4th B (5th-8th place match).
  • Match 15: November 3, 13:05, Loser 13 vs. Loser 14th (7th-8th place match).
  • Match 16: November 3, 13:35, First B vs. Second A (Semi-finals)
  • Match 17: Semi-Finals, November 3, 18:05, 1st A vs. 2nd B
  • Match 18: November 4, 13:05, Winner 13 vs. Winner 14 (5th-6th place match).
  • Match 19: November 4, 13:35, Loser 16 vs. Loser 17 (3rd-4th place match).
  • Match 20: November 4, 18:05, Winner 16 vs. Winner 17 (Final)
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Sultan of Johor Cup 2023 Points Table

Sultan of Johor Cup 2023 Team Standings 

Sultan of johor cup 2023 after a total of three and four points, respectively, Pakistan and New Zealand occupy the second and third positions in the Group B rankings. New Zealand has one victory and one defeat from as many games as Pakistan has played, with one win and one tie.

  • The dependable pair of Mohith H S and Ranvijay Singh Yadav in goalkeeping will guarantee the defensive consistency of the club.
  • The defenders, who will try to stop the opposition’s advances, are Amandeep Lakra, Rohit, Sunil Jojo, Sukhvinder, Amir Ali, and Yogember Rawat.
  • Dynamic players like Poovanna C B, Vishnukant Singh, Rajinder Singh, Amandeep, Sunit Lakra, and Abdul Ahad make up the midfield. These players will be crucial in setting the pace of the game and planning offensive maneuvers.
  • Uttam Singh, Arun Sahani, Aditya Lalage, Angad Bir Singh, Gurjot Singh, and Sathish B are among the team’s gifted forwards. Their objective is to take advantage of scoring opportunities and guide the team to victory.

Sultan of Johor Cup 2023 Cash Prize 

Johor Sultan Cup  Hockey India declares a monetary award for the junior men’s team. Hockey India announced on Saturday that each member of the junior men’s Sultan of Johor Cup-winning team will receive Rs two lakh.

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